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Gypsy Horses

Gypsy Cobs (Vanner)The Romany people of the UK and Ireland have had horses for many, many centuries. In most recent times they have developed a breed that we know today as the Gypsy cob or vanner horse. This strong, elegant horse was bred to pull the colorful wagons, (vardos), which were the home of the Gypsy’s. It was essential they were powerful, but also quiet in nature, the ideal family horse.

These magical horses are small in stature, with abundant manes and tails, and beautiful feather. They are predominantly black and white, but can come in all colors. Their back is short, with powerful neck and shoulders, flat, thick cannons and strong, heavy feet.

They were bred for their beauty, as well as their temperament and are notoriously easy keepers.They were first imported into the U.S. in 1996 and their popularity and numbers have steadily grown since.

There is now a Canadian chapter of the GVHS, with the goal in mind of having Gypsy events in Canada. We hope you will admire their beauty and gentleness as much as we do.


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