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Our Farm

Nestled in the beautiful countryside, our 50 acre farm is located thirty minutes from Canada’s capital, Ottawa. The property is dotted with approximately 3000 Spruce trees, hence the name.

We are a small breeding farm of Gypsy Vanner horses. Smaller in stature, heavy boned, hard working and hardy horses, with the quietest of dispositions, "the perfect family horses".

As breeders, we must always ensure the integrity of the breed and choose only quality breeding stock that will preserve the breed as intended. We traveled throughout the UK, meeting many Gypsy breeders and looking at hundreds of horses in Wales and northern England. There we were able to purchase a most of “colored horses”, as the Gypsies call them, to add them to our farm.

 We are also members of the GVHS, (Gypsy Vanner Horse Society), and our horses are registered and dna verified with them. We also proud to be part of a small group of founding members of the "Canadian Gypsy Vanner Horse Club" . 

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and check back often for updates and horses for sale.

Terry, Debby and Dillon Elder